Friday, October 24, 2014

Nature has long been an inspiration for artists and designers everywhere. The colors and patterns found in nature, both in plants and animals, are always interesting. Clothing and accessory patterns based on animal coats have been around a long time, and they are not going anywhere. Animal prints are classic, which means they will always be in style. In addition to being inspired by nature, they are relatively simple, generally found in neutral colors, and can add a fun and interesting touch to any outfit. For all these reasons, animal prints will continue to be used in clothing and accessories for a long time. However, some prints become more popular at various points in time. Giraffe print, for example, is quite popular. Giraffes are really beautiful creatures, and with their coats made up of interesting and relatively simple geometrical patterns in neutral brown and beige shades, they provide a lot of inspiration to clothing and accessory designers everywhere.

Giraffe print can be found on many items these days, from shirts to sheets. But with any animal print, you never want to overdo it. So even if you are crazy about giraffe print fabric, it is best not to create an outfit entirely out of it. Instead, small touches can be a great way to fit it into your outfit in a cute, fun, and stylish way. Giraffe print purses, for example,  are quite popular these days. With a number of different styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a purse that fits your style perfectly. Also, since giraffe print is neutrally colored, it is quite easy to match your giraffe print handbags or purses with many different outfits.

Another option is a giraffe print dress. With such a dress, however, you want to be sure the rest of your outfit is simple and solid colored, so it does not look too busy or mismatched. But a cute giraffe print dress will look great with a brown or beige purse and shoes, and some simple jewelry.  Giraffe print shoes are another cute way to work giraffe print into your outfit. Again, you do not want to mix patterns too much, so if you go with printed shoes you may want to choose a solid colored dress and a simple purse to complement them.

You may also want to choose some giraffe prints to include in your home decor. These days, you can find bedding, rugs, shower curtains and even chairs and couches in giraffe print. Once again, though, you do not want to go overboard with the pattern, so use a few accents here and there. If you pick a printed shower curtain, do not also use a printed rug in the bathroom. If you want a printed chair, pair it up with a simple or solid colored couch. If you choose the bedding, you can always simplify it by using a giraffe print comforter with brown and beige sheets and pillowcases.


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